Career development is a life long journey during which, at any time, you could find yourself in need of support. Whether you are a student, new professional, career changer or job seeker, you may benefit from the insights and clarity gained from the career counseling process. 

Take control of



Stressed? Overworked? Overqualified? Unemployed? Undecided? In need of a change?


There are many reasons why individuals become dissatisfied with their current work situations. Work or school-related stress and uncertianty can negatively impact our personal lives and overall quality of life. Career counseling can help you to    re-gain control and acheive your goals.


You may benefit from career counseling if you are...
  • Contemplating a career change.
  • Looking to return to the workforce after an extended break.
  • Seeking new employment or educational opportunities.
  • Interested in improving your current work situation.
  • A high school student (or parent) seeking guidance with the college planning process.
  • A college student in need of assistance with choosing a major or career path.
  • A recent graduate trying to break into the world of work.
  • Interested in self-exploration and overall personal growth.
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